Bob: Moyo never forgave Mnangagwa since Dinyani


by Staff reporter

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe said higher Education Minister, Jonathan Moyo hounded Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa for refusing to own up to his role in the ill-fated Tsholotsho debacle for which he (Moyo) was suspended together with a handful Zanu PF provincial chairs in 2004.
Mugabe was addressing party followers during his Mashonaland Central youth interface rally in Bindura Saturday afternoon.
In an hour and a half long address, President Mugabe wore his heart on his sleeves and revealed inner thoughts about aides who all vow his undying support while trying to settle personal scores against one another.
President Mugabe said Moyo has dug up all the dirt associated with Mnangagwa and placed it in the public domain in attempts to spite him.
This, Mugabe said, is after the embattled VP disowned Moyo and others when a 2004 plot hatched to torpedo Mugabe’s re-election as party president fell through with disastrous consequences.
The incident happened days ahead of a Zanu PF elective congress which also saw Joice Mujuru elevated to VP ahead of Mnangagwa who enjoyed support from provincial structures.
“I don’t know how Professor Jonathan Moyo fell out with Cde Mnangagwa on Tsholotsho. They planned Tsholotsho together,” President Mugabe said casually.
“They hatched the plan together with Gushungo, (Philip) Chiyangwa so that all chairmen would congregate in Zvimba at Chiyangwa home…they all agreed Mugabe must be replaced in support of Mnangagwa.”
President Mugabe said the group later agreed to go and finish the plot in Moyo’s home in Tsholotsho.
Mugabe said he later responded with summary suspensions on the coup plotters but spared Mnangagwa after he had distanced himself from the alleged coup plot.
“He (Moyo) says it is at that point that he differed with Mnangagwa because Mnangagwa did not come out to support them. He remained distant.
Mnangagwa survived because he never went to Chiyangwa’s home and Tsholotsho and… continues to say he knew nothing of the plot,” Mugabe said.
Mugabe revealed that Moyo was unapologetic about his Mngangagwa hatred.
“He said during a politburo meeting that ‘Mnangagwa I will never, never support you again, never’.
“He then went on to dig up a chain of cases against Mnangagwa’s deeds,” Mugabe said.
The 93 year-old leader said one of the cases involved former Zimbabwe Media Commission chair Godfrey Majonga whom Mnangagwa once ordered to jump off a Harare residential flat as punishment for snatching his girlfriend.
Majonga is now wheelchair bound.
President Mugabe also came short of accusing Kasukuwere and his G40 allies of seeking his ouster after allegedly christening themselves Generation 40, a phrase he said was coined by former US President Barack Obama who ascended to the world most powerful job in his 40s.
“I laughed it off telling himself Kasukuwere was lost on the country’s political history,” President Mugabe said of the burly Zanu PF political commissar.
He added: “To the likes of Kasukuwere who call themselves G40, Obama is no longer President.
“So, you are now genuine Zimbabweans; we are Zimbabweans and we have our rules, Zimbabwean rules; we have our history, Zimbabwean history of the revolution. We are not Americans. No. So we cannot be Obamas.
“We are not British, No, we can’t be (Tony, former British Prime Minister) Blairs, we are Africans we are Zimbabweans, lets remain Zimbabweans…”New Zimbabwe

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