I never raped Judith Todd,we were in a “relationship”-Agrippa Mutambara


by Bulawayo correspondent
RETIRED Brigadier-General Agrippa Mutambara who has been accused of raping the daughter of revered late white political activist, Sir Garfield Todd, Judith on Tuesday claimed that Sekai Holland once tried to facilitate a public platform where he (Brigadier) and the alleged victim would give their side of the story about the incident.
In her book, (Through the Darkness: A life in Zimbabwe) Judith accuses Mutambara of raping her because she exposed the Gukurahundi atrocities which reportedly claimed an estimated 20 000 during the height of the mass killings.
Speaking to journalists at the Bulawayo Media Centre, the Zimbabwe People First (Zim PF) leader denied forcing himself on Todd, implying that the two were in a relationship.
“A lot has been said about Judith Todd and Brigadier –General Mutambara. We developed a relationship with Judith when I met her at the Quill club when I was in the company of the late Justin Nyoka and army commander General Solomon Mujuru.
We developed a friendship with Todd. I know there are a lot of misconceptions regarding my relationship with her,” said Mutambara.
The Brigadier General said when they met, both were not yet married.
“Yes, we were friends and there was nothing wrong in having a friend in Judith Todd. Even up to now our relationship is not that bad. Of course that time I was not married and to the best of my knowledge she was not married also. So any relationship that might have taken place was nothing wrong,” said Mutambara apparently inferring that the two were in love.
Mutambara said not long ago, the two were communicating through Holland.
“Holland asked me if it was possible for me to organise the launch of my book (The Rebel in me) where myself and Todd were going to have an opportunity to clear ourselves over this issue. There has never been any issue of rape,” he maintained.
Brigadier –General Mutambara said it was unfair for anyone to accuse him of rape when he has not been tried and let alone convicted in any court.
“You do not make accusations and people base their arguments on those accusations. There is no record anywhere that I was taken to court for raping Judith. Surely Judith as a champion of women’s rights and eloquent as well as intelligent woman, certainly if she had been raped, she should have taken me to court and if she was going to give me any forgiveness that forgiveness was supposed to be based on my proven action,” said Mutambara.
Asked to comment on why he failed to criticise President Mugabe and Zanu PF before deserting the party following the expulsion of former vice president Joice Mujuru and other senior party members in 2014, Mutambara insisted that he has been vocal against the Mugabe government.
“I was never expelled from Zanu PF. I left Zanu PF on my volition. When I was still ambassador, I wrote several letters to Mugabe expressing my concern over corruption and human rights violations by Mugabe and his regime. I have got all the evidence,” he added.New Zimbabwe

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