Madam boss searches for hubby’s sperm in maid’s privates


by Court Reporter

A HARARE woman allegedly shoved her hands into her maid’s privates saying she was looking for her husband’s sperm after suspecting she had sex with him.
Angela Mbada was recently dragged to court facing aggravated indecent assault charges.
She is denying the charges.
Allegations against her arose on October 8 this year when she returned from work and found her husband’s wet clothes on the floor.
Court heard she then then accused the maid of sleeping with her husband saying the odour in the house confirmed her suspicions.
She ordered the 15 year old girl to lie down before she removed her undies.
She then shoved her fingers into the girl’s privates to check if she just had sexual intercourse with her husband or not.
It is alleged that the following day she fired the maid who then went to her relatives who helped her to report the case.
Mbada is denying charges arguing that she did not insert her fingers into her maid’s privates as alleged.
She told court that she only asked her to remove her panties.
She said the girl was also wearing her panties adding that she reported the case two weeks after the alleged indecent assault only to fix her.

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