Military Did Not Plan November Coup In Order To Lose Elections: Biti Warns Of Violent Election


Former finance minister and opposition politician Tendai Biti has warned the opposition that it is fighting for Zimbabwe and for its survival in the forthcoming elections. According to Biti, the military will do everything possible to retain power, including using violence to intimidate the electorate. Biti warned that the military did not go through the November 2017 military coup against former President Robert Mugabe only to lose power through an election, a few months later. Speaking at the Sapes Trust on Thursday, Biti said:

The issue of violence is going to be a factor in this election. They did not plan this coup in order to lose power in July or August 2018.
They (military) have been marrying designer wives; they have been sending themselves to school. There are now more per capita PhDs in the army than anywhere else.
And they were not getting those PhDs in order to get a job at Econet or Delta Corporations. They were getting those degrees in order to lay their hands on the State. So, this is going to be a fight of our lives.
I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that this is going to be a violent election.

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