‘Female candidate to win Zimbabwe Presidential election,’ claims prophet


by Staff reporter

As the election draws near, a prominent Harare Prophet has released a Prophetic word tipping a Female Candidate to win the Presidential elections.

Prophet Jeremiah Davies of House of Christ Ministries which is headquartered in the Capital City wrote on his Facebook page that a female candidate who shares a name with a former Head of State has been anointed to take over the reigns from Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“As I was in the realm of the spirit, I saw a female clothed with the flag of Zimbabwe from the crown of her head to the soles of her feet. When I asked what is this, I heard a voice saying: It’s time for Zimbabwe to be mothered. Man have pillaged the treasures of my children, and now it’s time for a tender heart to nurture the treasures back to life. As I was still looking, I saw the name of a former President in a neighbouring country Malawi and a voice said; as her name is so shall the President be. Immediately I saw smoke coming from the second largest City, and I saw sky scrappers raised in the City of Progress. man came from all over the world with fishing rods to to fish the resources that are in this land. A voice said; As Egypt was in the days when the children of Jacob went in search of food so shall nations flock to Zimbabwe,” prophet Jeremiah Davies said.

Facebook users who commented on the Prophet’s status concluded that the Prophetic Word was revealing the Presidential candidate of the People’s Rainbow Coalition as the winner of the elections.

Prophet Jeremiah Davies joins the list of Prophets who have uttered Prophetic words concerning the outcome of the elections.

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