Mnangagwa’s murderous past should not go unpunished and held accountable


by Kudakwashe Shaddy Marangwanda

The world is sick and tired of politicians who have been getting away with brazen murder – and allowed to go ahead leading nations, as if they have not done anything wrong.

Leaders from countries such as Myanmar, Syria, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and so many others have blood on their hands – so much blood – yet, the world continuously pampers and appeases them as if they are more special than the people they massacred.

The same is sadly happening in our beloved Zimbabwe, where the new president Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa has the blood of tens of thousands of innocent Zimbabweans – yet, the world continues to welcome him, with very open arms, in their capitals, as if nothing had happened.

The gravest and most murderous episode of Mnangagwa’s blood-thirsty journey, commenced – as then security minister – in his involvement in the 1980s brutal genocide that was orchestarted by the then prime minister Robert Gabriel Mugabe regime, which used the Zimbabwe National Army’s (ZNA) North Korean trained Fifth Brigade to massacre innocent defenceless men, women and children in the Matebeleland and Midlands regions.

Mnangagwa, together with the brigade’s commander Perence Shiri – who is now minister of lands and agriculture in Mnangagwa’s military coup-inspired government, after last November’s coup toppling of long-time tyrant Mugabe – masterminded this gruesome murder of these people, solely on tribal hatred lines.

What heartlessness is that?!

As much as there are records, especially by the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP), proving the occurance of this mass massacre, no one in the international community is saying anything about it, let alone calling for justice.

The bottom line is that Mnangagwa and his military allies butchered innocent men , women, and children, so why is the world so apathetic to this fact?

Has is become alright and normal for a leader to kill his own people, and the rest of the world just regards it as an everyday normal accurance that should just be ignored?

The world cane together to fight Nazi Germany’s Adolf Hitler – as he sought to annihilate Europe’s Jewish population – so why not Mnangagwa?

In fact, denying the holocaust is a punishable offence in most European countries, yet these same countries hypocritically deny the Gukurahundi.

Most Nazi leaders who survived the Second World War were brought before international tribunals to face justice.

Mnangagwa should be hauled before the courts – hopefully, international tribunals, as well – and if found guilty, locked away just like every other murderer that is currently facing punishment.

Is it not such a shame on both Zimbabwe and the international community that a murderer should be holding the highest office in the land, instead of rotting in jail with his fellow criminals?

Are those world leaders giving Mnangagwa hugs, embraces and kisses, without any conscience whatsoever?

I would rather kiss Jack the Ripper than Mnangagwa!

It was more than disturbing when I witnessed his presidential pardoning of criminals last week, and I just said to myself, should a criminal be busy pardoning other criminals?

Mnangagwa and his lot, such as Shiri, should finally face the music for their actions, as the Shona say: mhosva hairovi, meaning a crime does not just disappear.

The abused and murdered people of Zimbabwe deserve to finally receive justice, and only the international community can help them.

We can not just sit back and watch whilst Mnangagwa literally gets away with murder.

He can act the bully against the innocent people of Zimbabwe, but if the international community comes together, great things can be accomplished.

We can not take this anymore, as any continued silence renders the world accomplices in the genocide committed by Mnangagwa and his allies on the Zimbabwean people.

Let us learn from history that appeasing genocidal psychopathic leaders has never been a good idea.

It did not work with Hitler, and it will certainly not work with Mnangagwa.

For how long will the world just watch as the Royhinger in Myanmar are massacred daily, or the people of Syria bombed recklessly, or those of the DRC shot at willy-nilly?

Enough is enough!

If the United Nations (UN) wants to be taken seriously, as an organisation that stands for world peace, justice, and equality, then it should be seen to care enough to take decisive action against the likes of Mnangagwa.

Should we all now just ignore the pain that he has caused the people of Zimbabwe, just because he removed Mugabe and is now promising to open Zimbabwe for business?

Is that all the world cares about?

I would certainly want to give the international community the benefit of the doubt, and hole that the issue of the Zimbabwean genocide will not conveniently slide off the radar.

Mnangagwa should have his day in court, and be judged – just as everyone of us – on things he has done in the past, as there is enough gabbage there.

Zimbabweans deserve better, and can not go on being ruled by murderous presidents – first Mugabe, and now Mnangagwa – who would not lose any sleep if they felt the urge to kill again, just to assert and consolidate his power.

Mnangagwa should be tried and thrown in jail, where he rightily belongs, as he certainly should not be anywhere near the State House, where he is hiding away from justice.

-Kudakwashe Shaddy Marangwanda is a UK based Zimbabwean activist.

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