#Mphoko550 days in hotel, netizens gun for #BoycottChoppies


After spending over 550 days in a plush Harare hotel, Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko appears unapologetic.He recently justified his extravagant-amid-poverty lifestyle, claiming the hotel was part-owned by government, and therefore his $563 a day hotel bill was not something any poverty-stricken struggling Zimbabweans were supposed to worry about.

But angry citizens, who have endured 36 years of Zanu PF’s misrule, have a plan.The plan is to boycott buying from Choppies supermarkets in Zimbabwe, owned by Mphoko.

Several hashtags on Twitter have been coined, while different civic activism groups have stormed the hotel, demanding that Mphoko must move out.

Trigger happy Zimbabwean cops on Sunday arbitrarily arrested and briefly detained several journalists who were covering the demos at the hotel while some activists are still locked up.

Still Mphoko seems not prepared to budge, and appears to want to continue enjoying the trappings of power that have become synonymous with Zanu PF’s 36-year rule.

Here is what has been happening so far:

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